This international Furnishing Accessories exhibition took place in Milan combined with International Lighting Exhibition. There were categories among the furniture like design, luxus, classic and workspace. Each company designs one or more rooms with their furniture and accessories where you can walk in and touch the fabrics, materials, you can sit down and enjoy them. Originally I wanted to write one post about the exhibition, but there is so much to show you about this amazing exhibition that I’m writing 2 posts, one about lighting and one about furniture. I took a lot of photos, collected a lot of ideas, but unfortunately I cannot upload all the pics, but I hope you’ll enjoy my favourits :-). So here is the first part about EUROLUCE, International Lighting Exhibition.

BOCCI Canadian contemporary design company put their lamps on a low ceiling, but it was a good idea, so everyone could see them properly :-).

VG‘s creation called ‘Flower Power’ was breathtakingly beautiful, especially I recommend it for romantic people :-). It symbolize spring and it is a combination of Murano glasslamps and pink tulips.

Guaxs‘s tablelamps are beautiful, natural colors and a little blue. I like them :-).

Fresh French design: I like Designheure‘s very special lamps as their design and colours are very unique.

BOMMA Czech company’s very modern glass lamps are in different colours and forms, they are beautiful.

Mantra‘s lamps:

FunEurope company’s lamps are modern Italian design in very unique forms.

Foscarini put their lamps in front of walls covered by wallpaper, look cool.

Orchid lamps by Stylnove Cheramice, they look very special.

Cosy lights by BS Ceramiche‘s new collection.

Unique lamp design by DCWéditions Paris