Designed with expertise and heart – During the COMPLEX INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE, the entire planning process of the house, apartment or the given room or rooms is entrusted to my expert hands. By getting to know the customer’s thoughts and ideas, I always create a home that is not only stylish and pleasing to the eye, but thanks to the practical solutions, it is extremely user-friendly and can be used well for many years. This service includes the creation of home furnishing and construction plans, as well as 3D visual plans if required.
How is planning done? – The first step of a complex interior design service is always a needs assessment. During a personal meeting, we will discuss the ideas and concepts in detail, and I will thoroughly map the customer’s tastes, habits, and needs, and together we will define a planned deadline. After the discussion, I will prepare the price offer, which, after acceptance, will be followed by the on-site measuring and then the planning process. The first stage of interior design is the sketch plan and moodboard, which I use to present my ideas and visions. While the moodboard is meant to present the mood of the colors, style, and overall picture, the sketch plan illustrates the arrangement. If the specified direction is accepted by the customer, the complex home furnishing and, if required, the 3D visualization plans, and then all the construction plans are created.

At which stage of the construction/renovation should you contact me? – There is no set rule, but perhaps the most accurate answer is that the sooner the better. If the idea of construction/renovation has just been born, it is worth involving an expert even at that point.

Do you need to bring something to the personal meeting or think about it in advance? – Yes, it is great if you bring or send the floor plan of the apartment, house or room in advance to the first meeting. In addition, it can greatly contribute to the success of the consultation if you have thought through the question of “what you like and what you don’t like” in advance, you can even bring pictures, which will help me get to know your ideas much better.

Other information – It is important that the complex interior design service does not include photorealistic 3D visualizations. Please indicate your need for a photorealistic 3D visualizations in advance! The preparation of such plans involves the involvement of an external specialist and means additional costs.

Price – HUF 9.900-19.900/sqm* + travel fee outside of Budapest

*The price is always adjusted to the specific project and individual needs.

If you are looking for a reliable, accurate and precise interior designer, feel free to contact me, I will help you design your home. Click here and contact me on one of my availabilities!