I believe that home is the place, that invites you to relax, but at the same time it fills you up and gives you the energy, sometimes it is quiet, another time it is loud, but it is always just the way it should be. The ideal home is both stylish and tailor-made for you, it perfectly reflects your personality and your taste, it can be said that it is in harmony with its residents in every detail. As an interior designer I have set my goal of designing such homes, whether if it is a studio apartment or a family house with plenty of squaremeters. Interior design is an exciting joint journey, during which the customers’ thoughts and ideas meet with the designer’s professional knowledge and ideas to form a wonderful round whole, which is called: HOME. Already as an economist, I was impressed by the world of interior design, which led me straight to Szimultán Art School, where I completed not only the basic interior design training, but also the decorator course and an advanced interior design course, so that I could build my career as an interior designer with solid knowledge. My enthusiasm has been unbroken for years, every interior I design includes not only my professional knowledge and my experience, but also my heart!

What inspires me and gives me new ideas for my daily work?
I am continuously inspired by beautiful things in life, not only interiors, but architecture, paintings, nature, colors, fashion, altogether everything what catches my eye and takes my breath away, if only for a moment.

What are my achievements that I am most proud of?
In 2019, at S/ALON Budapest Interior Design Exhibition I was able to present my own stand to the public, which I designed in maximalist style. Even now, it brings a smile to my face when I think about the enormous interest, the many recognitions and countless positive feedback. The next memorable stop in my career as an interior designer was perhaps my first magazine appearance. I had incredibly pleasant feelings when I picked up the interior design magazine ‘Mi Otthonunk’ and saw the photos and story of the modern downtown apartment, which was one of my first complex, large-scale projects.

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