Designed with expertise and heart

During the complex interior design service, the entire planning process of the house, apartment or the given room or rooms is entrusted to my expert hands. By getting to know the customer’s thoughts and ideas, I always create a home that is not only stylish and pleasing to the eye, but thanks to the practical solutions….


Expert help in getting started

Interior design consultancy service includes a minimum 2-hours personal consultation, when I will help you if you are confused or don’t know where to start. It often happens that even small changes can make a home more stylish and user-friendly. Determining the main interior design style, choosing the main colors or just….

Planning to rent or sale?

In the framework of the home staging interior design service, I help you get the most out of your property intended for rent or sale. Nowadays, there is a huge offer on the real estate market, which is why it can be a huge advantage if the house or apartment you want to sell stands out from the crowd. At the same time…

Professional help for a stylish finish

The finishing touch interior design service is a minimum 2-hours personal meeting, when I will help your finished home show its best possible face. As an interior designer, I often experience that a home is finished, the complete equipment is in place, but the owners still do not feel that the interiors are complete…

About me

One of the most beautiful moments of interior design is when a home is finished and the customer moves into the interiors I designed. What brings a bigger smile to my face is that, when my clients express their satisfaction in kind words – I have selected some of these customer reviews, all of which praise my interior design work. Thank you again for the positive feedbacks, that is why I do this job.

During my career, I helped quite a few clients in their homes, who did not regret asking for the help of an interior designer, either in consulting or in planning. Here is the feedback from some satisfied clients:

We asked Hajni to help us with the design of our daughter’s and son’s room. She created an amazing, friendly interior using the favourite colors of our little ones, we and also our friends love both rooms.It wasn’t easy for her as we wanted to keep a few furniture, and also both rooms were tiny, but still the final design is perfect for us. 3D visualizations were provided which was a great help for us for example in finding the right wall colors, wallpapers. There were some details which we thought were tiny, but Hajni paid attention also to them so they harmonize. Thank you very much Hajni. As soon as we decide to refurbish other rooms in our house we will definitely contact you.
Zsófia Gyalog


I bought a new flat recently and I had to buy new furniture as I didn’t want to take my old ones with me. I asked Hajnalka’s help in finding the right colors, furniture and decoration to my new home. After talking about my requests and the measurements, she provided me a great help and also she took into consideration my taste and ideas. Hajnalka recommended some stores where I can find the relevant furniture, wallpaper and decoration, so I saved a lot of money. For my request she came with me several times and helped me to find the best option. She was flexible, we communicated on the phone and contacted each other in emails and in case of problems she always helped. It is really worth to hire an interior designer as the outcome speaks for itself. Hajnalka created with her good taste, professionalism and flexibility a beautiful home for me.
Ildikó Bugán


We loved to work with Hajni, she got the feeling of the colors and forms we wanted to see in our living room and kitchen. She is accurate and precise, so we could make out the best with the design of these rooms. We have been still happy with the final results and we reccommend Hajni to anyone who wants to work with a creative and accurate interior designer. Thanks Hajni.
Cintia Németh



I believe that home is the place, that invites you to relax, but at the same time it fills you up and gives you the energy, sometimes it is quiet, another time it’s loud, but it is always just the way it should be. The ideal home is both stylish and tailor-made for you, it perfectly reflects your personality and your taste, it can be said that it is in harmony with its residents in every detail. As an interior designer I have set my goal of designing such homes, whether if it is a studio apartment or a family house with plenty of squaremeters. Interior design is an exciting joint journey…

Hajnalka Kónya

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