Burgundy, which is wine red, shows richness and sophistication in an interior. Be careful with using too much of this color as it can cause depression, it is worth to combine it with neutral colors. You can use this color in modern interiors easily and I’m showing you some examples below.

I created an inspirational moodboard in burgundy color for you.

Bed upholstered with velvet in burgundy color. This long backrest looks unique.

White, grey and black with burgundy seat, I totally love it.

Wallpaint in burgundy with light colors.

Burgundy velvet backrest, flower patterned pillow and feathery lamp.

Bathroom wall in burgundy color combined with white and gold. I love the terrazzo floor, it looks amazing with it.

Bathroom wall in burgundy combined this time with grey.

Living room in light colors, the coffee table and the wall decoration is black and this looks great. Burgundy accessories and armchairs make it perfect.

This is a good example for the combination of burgundy and dark colors.

Burgundy, wood, mirror and glass look amazing together.

This kitchen looks so cool with the lower burgundy kitchen cabinets and the concrete effect paint and upper cabinets.

Burgundy wallcolor with light wooden console table.


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