Laundry closet ideas

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I've been working on to create a laundry closet, which is not a seperate room, more like a wardrobe, so I was thinking that I'm sharing with you some ideas.
The ideal is if you have enough space to create a seperate laundry room for all the items you need to wash and clean, but a lot of us don't have it, so we need to be creative.
What I do in this case is that I create a wardrobe, where I put all the necessary things, but it needs to be planed properly as you need to know the sizes of the items you'll put in and if there are washing machine and dryer you need to create an electrical plan too.
In this project I want to put the followings in the wardrobe: washing machine, dryer, hoover, brush, shovel, pail, mop, ironong-board, ladder, detergents, cleaning supplies, tools, suitcases, waterheater, and the water meter. This wardrobe will be enormous as this will go up to the ceiling (3.40 meters), so I can fit in a lot of things. Sometimes the washing mashine is placed in the kitchen or in the bathroom as there are no other options, but if there is a possibility to create at least a cabinet then it is the best solution.
I show you some ideas how you can do that.