Our home is a peaceful island, that makes a beautiful whole from tiny little pieces of thoughts, memories and ideas.

I am continuously inspired by beautiful things in life, not only interiors, but architecture, paintings, nature, colours, fashion, altogether everything what takes my breath away for a minute. This inspiration creates your unique interior based on the requirements.
I am an economist, in my previous jobs I gained experience in sales, customer service, assistance, event-planning and finance. I have good organising and communication skills, which I can use in building a good working relationship with my customers. I lived in Germany and in the UK and like to travel so I had the chance to see different cultures. It is important for me to be trustworthy and that I provide an accurate work.
I finished my first interior designer course in the summer of 2012, after that while working at a multinational company, as my hobby I helped few friends to design their flats for reference. In 2015 I became a decorator, 1 year later I finished my upgraded interior designer studies at Szimultan Art School.