Interior Design:


A lot of people struggle with creating a home that is both accessible and reflects the unique personality of its owners, although they have ideas how to do that but cannot imagine how it will look at the end. As an interior designer I can help in creating the required space planning and construction plans (lighting, flooring and ceiling plans), provide 3D visualizations, that helps a lot to find the right solution.
I offer help during construction works, like consultation with contractors and regular reviews of the construction so everything goes smoothly.
Design is also provided in the business sphere for shops, restaurants, cafes.
Style consultation is also available, in case you need help in certain changes like color, fabric, furniture, etc


Stages of the interior design work:


First of all there is a personal consultation where we talk about your requests, what you have imagined. After this there will be a moodboard and sketch plans created. After we agreed about the conceptual plan, we can go ahead with signing a contract and the actual design starts with taking detailed measurements. 3D visualizations will be created so based on those, requested changes can be done. After this detailed interior design plans can be done: designed layout (plan of the walls), coloured equipment plan, wall elevations, 3D visualizations, construction plans (lighting, floor and ceiling), technical description and tracking of the equipments. It is very important that we communicate regularly.
In case of construction management there is continuous consultation with the experts of different areas of construction so everything goes smoothly.


Interior design prices:


Projects are priced individually. More price packages will be offered, so you can choose the the best based on your budget. Please feel free to contact me for an offer.